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My interests mainly focus on building wireless community apps - e.g. tools that help you find your friends in bars/restaurants, etc. Right now I've been using client/server tech to build apps for palm/phones/pagers/IM clients, though I'm really interested in making things slicker with p2p/ad hoc networks (bluetooth, 802.11). [resume]

I've launched most of the stuff I've been working on at Check it out and drop me an email if you have similar interests.

Oh, by the way, I've been living in NYC for the past 4+ years, currently live in the lower east side, am originally from right outside Boston, did my undergrad at Syracuse Univ. (1998) and I'm in constant search of kids to go snowboarding with. Feel free to stalk me at

[p] 917.204.3869
// featured projects

      Big Brother Foosball // Fall 2002
    Making your average foosball table just a little bit smarter.
      Modus // Spring 2003
    Build a better jukebox - one that enables the sharing, discovery and distribution of music in public spaces.
      QuickTime VR on Everyday Things // Fall 2002
    Running anything I can find through the magic QuickTime machine.
      ITP Skillz Database // Fall 2002
    Matchmaking the skills of fellow ITP students.
      Busyness // Fall 2002
    A week in the life, Palm V style.
// additional coursework

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