Monday 9/30: Stopped by Radio Shack on my way to lunch today to see if I could find some new toys to play with. I picked up a 40Khz IR/infrared receiver (#276-XXX) for $2.68.

It only took about 20 minutes or so to dig up enough sample code to get IR receiver working. Right now, its set to quickly flash an LED if it is currently receiving an IR signal (e.g. I am pointing my PalmPilot at the receiver) and to turn off that LED as soon as the IR transmission is interrupted.

Tomorrow's project is see if I can get a universal remote control to send signals to the IR port, have that BX-24 interprete the signal (I'll prob start simple and shoot for the numbers 0-9 on a remote) and then have the digit represented in some way on the breadboard (e.g. LED flashes 6 times... or LED #6 lights up... or a series of LEDs turns on to represent the digit LCD-screen style. that would be cool).