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JimmyDodgeball is an IM (instant messenger) bot aimed at helping users retrieve information on bars and restaurants. Based on technology built by New York based ActiveBuddy, Inc., JimmyDodgeball uses AOL's Instant Messenger as a front-end to the database.

While JimmyDodgeball is currently able to help users find restaurant listings, addresses and reviews, future versions will allow users to use natural-language queries to ask for restaurant recommendations.

If you have AOL Instant Messenger, click here to send JimmyDodgeball a quick hello. Otherwise, a transcript of a short, sample IM conversation with JimmyDodgeball is below.

dpstyles97: hello
JimmyDodgeball: Hey, dpstyles97 your dodgeball username is dens.
You are currently in New York City, NY.

Type "
home" to see everything I can do.
dpstyles97: where is luna lounge?
JimmyDodgeball: I found...
Luna Lounge
121 Ludlow Street
Lower East Side
(cross street n/a)
There are 10 reviews for Luna Lounge. Would you like to read them?
1 Yes
2 No
(c) 2001,
dpstyles97: 1
JimmyDodgeball: pnkermiz on Luna Lounge (7/18/2000):
"go early enough and they might ask you if you're in the band. maybe i just look cool."
(c) 2001,
>>Type "more" to read the next review.
© 2002 dennis crowley