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The dodgeball.episodic was an online soap opera of sorts designed to be read on mobile devices (via AvantGo's content delivery system). The episodic was open to any dodgeball user who was willing to keep a short journal describing their lives in the city.

As subscribers to the dodgeball.episodic synced their Palm devices each morning, new journal entries were transferred from the web to the device. A typical day would include three or four journal entries authored by different users. These entries often made references to featured bars and restaurants and fed off the journal entries of other users. The episodic was specifically designed for consumption during a 5 minute subway commute or 30 story elevator ride.

While the infrastructure (content management system) which supported the episodic and the content which drove readers to the site is still alive, the episodic is no longer an active part of Before being retired, the episodic was reaching over 800 AvantGo users daily.

To see how the episodic functioned before being retired, visit or subscribe to the AvantGo channel by clicking here.
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