ConQwest is a high-stakes, team-based treasure hunt in the urban jungle. Five teams race through the city searching for treasure in the form of printed codes that can be captured by phonecam. Each code has a dollar value, and the first team to find $5,000 worth of treasure codes wins the game and earns a $5,000 scholarship for their school.

Each team will maneuver a giant, inflatable animal totem around the city to unlock the treasures in order to collect them.


The goal of the game is to be the first team to collect $5,000 worth of treasure.


The game will take place over the course of a single day, and will last approximately 2-3 hours.

How to Play


Players will be divided up into five teams, each team will represent a local high school and the players on that team will be students that are currently attending that school. The minimum team size is 20, the maximum team size is 25. The teams are: Mountain Lion, Brown Bear, Big Horn, Sea Lion, and Wolverine.


Five of the players on each team are Movers, and all their teammates are Searchers.The Movers are responsible for moving their teamps Totem to different bases around the city. Searchers hunt down and collect treasure codes.


The Searchers will be given special cellphones with which to collect treasure codes. The Movers for each team will be given one Animal Totem, and a special cellphone. They will use that phone to record the current position of their Totem, and to resolve Base Challenges (described below). Phones given to the players will also be used to listen to the FM radio broadcast that will update players regarding the current status of each team. Phones distributed to the players must be returned at the end of the game.

Game maps will be given to each team showing the general area within which the Treasure Codes are hidden, the location of the Bases, and indicating the specific routes along which Movers must transport their Totems.

Finding Treasure

The hidden treasure in ConQwest takes the form of special visual codes called Semacodes - grids of white and black squares that can be digitally scanned and turned into computer data. When a Searcher finds a code, she photographs it with the phonecam and sends it to ConQwest HQ. HQ translates the code, identifying the Treasure. A message is sent back to the Searcher indicating the value of the Treasure and that dollar amount is added to her teamps cumulative total.

But to collect treasure, first you must unlock it.

Zones and Totems

The city is divided up into 8 different Zones, and each Zone contains a special location called a Base. Only one team at a time can collect the treasure from a Zone. To collect treasure, first the team must take control of the Zone.

A team takes control over a Zone by moving its Totem into that Zoneps Base. Once a team has control over a Zone, the treasures in that Zone become unlocked for that team only, but they remain unlocked only as long as that teamps Totem stays on that Base. Players will need to coordinate their actions and work together to maximize their treasure finding opportunities when they control a Zone.
EXAMPLE: The Searchers on team Mountain Lion want to start searching Zone 3 for treasure. The Movers get the Mountain Lion to the Base in Zone 3. The Zone 3 codes are now unlocked for Team Mountain Lion.
Regular Treasures and Super-Treasures

Regular Treasures and Super-Treasures There are 40 regular treasures in each Zone. They vary in value from 30 - 75 points.

But each Zone also contains one highly valuable Super-Treasure, worth much more. Collecting a Super-Treasure will require the searchers to do something special, some kind of interaction with their environment.

For each zone, there is a clue that points to the location of the Super-Treasure. This clue is uncovered gradually as a Team remains in control of a zone. As soon as a team checks their Totem into a base, a timer starts counting up. Every 6 minutes, more of the Super-Treasure clue is revealed to that Team. When the team has figured out the clue, they can use that information to acquire the Super-Treasure. When a team checks out of a base, their Super-Treasure clue timer is re-set to zero.
EXAMPLE: After occupying Zone 3 for 6 minutes, all the Team Mountain Lion players get a message: "-s- f-- --e --s--- ----- --d-- -- ---k-------".

Spending more time in Zone 3 unlocks more of the letters for that clue.

After Team Mountain Lion has occupied Zone 3 for 24 minutes, the message looks like "-sk for t-e V-sion Q-es- vid-o at Bl-ck-ust-r"

Realizing that this means they should "ask for the 'Vision Quest' video at Blockbuster," they do so and collect the valuable Zone 3 Super-Treasure.
Treasure Details

Each team can collect each Treasure Code once. If a Searcher sends in a Treasure Code that her team has already found, than the return message indicates that this Treasure was already collected by her team - the dollar value is not added to the teamps total again.

Treasure Codes may not be taken, moved, destroyed, or defaced by any player. Game officials will be positioned throughout the city observing the players. Breaking this rule will result in immediate disqualification for that playerps team.

Moving from Base to Base

There are special Semacodes called Base Codes on the location of each Base. Each Zone has three Base Codes: Entry, Exit and Challenge (see below). When a teamps Movers have arrived at a Base they must shoot the Entry Code with their phonecam and send it to HQ. HQ will then broadcast that teamps control over the Zone. When the Movers decide to leave the Base in order to move their totem into a different Zone, they must scan another the Exit Code. This allows HQ to keep track of the position of each Totem.
EXAMPLE: When Team Mountain Lion gets to Zone 3, the Movers shoot the Zone 3 Entry Code. All the Zone 3 Treasure Codes are then unlocked for the Mountain Lion Searchers.

When they are ready to move to another Zone, the Mountain Lion Movers shoot the exit code. All the Zone 3 Treasure Codes are now locked for Team Mountain Lion.
A network of pre-selected paths connects all of the Bases. When moving their teamps Totem from Zone to Zone, the movers must remain on these paths. If a teamps Movers stray from the designated paths at any time, that team will be disqualified from the game.

Stealing Bases

When two teams both want to occupy the same Base the conflict is resolved through a special competition called a Base Challenge. To initiate a Base Challenge, the challenger Team shoots the Challenge Code located at the base.

During a Base Challenge, the two opposing teams secretly bid a certain amount of the Treasure they have already collected. The amounts bid are immediately exchanged between the opposing teams. Whichever team bid the higher amount now takes control of the Zone. If both bids are the same amount, the defending team wins the Challenge.
EXAMPLE: Team Mountain Lion occupies the Base in Zone 3. Team Bear wants control over the Zone. The Movers bring the Bear totem to the Zone 3 base. Team Bear's Movers shoot the Challenge Code, and a Challenge is initiated.
Team Bear secretly bids $150. Team Mountain Lion secretly bids $100. These amounts are exchanged between them ? Team Mountain Lion gets the $150, and Team Bear gets the $100. Since Team Bear bid higher, they gain control of the Zone, and Team Mountain Lion must leave the Base, and lose control of the Zone.

After a Challenge, the losing team must remove their Totem from the Base and are not allowed to Challenge the same team again for control of this Zone for 30 minutes.

If two teams arrive an empty Base simultaneously, the first team to send the Base Code to HQ will take control of the Zone, and the other team must initiate a Challenge in order to occupy the Base.

The Operator

A special game official, called =The Operator=, will be broadcasting information over the course of the game. The Operatorps updates will provide players with information about the current location of each teamps Totem, the results of Base Challenges, and the overall amount of Treasure collected by each team.


As soon as any team collects $5,000 or more worth of treasure the game is over and that team is the winner. All players will be sent a message asking them to return to the game starting point.


1. From the phoneps main screen, press MENU
2. Scroll down to PICTURES and press SELECT
3. Select CAMERA
5. Line up the treasure code so that the black outline around the code is in the frame then press CAPTURE
6. Press OPTION
7. Select SEND
8. Select ADD E-MAIL
9. Don't both to enter the address, instead press SEARCH
10. Scroll down to CONQWEST HQ and hit SELECT
11. Press OK
12. Select SEND
13. Wait for confirmation e-mail from HQ (this could take a minute or more)


- Make sure your Team has control over this Zone

- Make sure the image is straight

- Make sure the light is even (no shadows)

- Make sure the lens of the camera is clean


1. Check your game map and stay on the approved paths ? leaving the path could result in disqualification!

2. Use the handles on the bottom of the totem to carry it upright

3. When you need to travel under a stoplight, powerline, or other obstacle, tilt the totem onto its side and carry it horizontally

4. When you are past the obstacle move it back into an upright position


- Be careful, watch for traffic, pedestrians and obstacles, avoid accidents!

- Obey all traffic signals


1. Find the code marked ENTRY CODE or EXIT CODE on the base sign
2. From the phoneps main screen, press MENU
3. Scroll down to PICTURES and press SELECT
4. Select CAMERA
6. Line up the code so that the black outline around the code is in the frame then press CAPTURE
7. Press OPTION
8. Select SEND
9. Select ADD E-MAIL
10. Don't both to enter the address, instead press SEARCH
11. Scroll down to CONQWEST HQ and hit SELECT
12. Press OK
13. Select SEND
14. Wait for confirmation e-mail from HQ (this could take a minute or more)


- Don't forget to shoot the exit code when leaving a base - you won't be able to enter a new base until you have officially left the last one

1. Find the BASE CHALLENGE code on the base sign
2. First, the Challenger shoots the code and sends the picture to CONQWEST HQ
3. Then, the Defender shoots the code and sends the picture to CONQWEST HQ
4. Wait for the confirmation message from HQ
5. Both teams reply to the confirmation message with the dollar amount of their SECRET BID
6. The bid amount must be less than the total amount of treasure your team has accumulated so far
8. Whichever team bid the higher amount wins the base challenge
9. Ties are won by the Defender
10. The losing team must immediately leave the base (donpt forget to scan the exit code!)
11. You must wait at least 30 minutes before challenging the same team for the same base again


- Remember, win or lose, your secret bid is automatically given to the other team ? donpt bid too high!

- You want to bid just a little bit more than the other team to win the challenge as cheaply as possible

- Yes, you are allowed to bid zero dollars ;)

HOW TO DELETE PHOTOS (in case your camera runs out of storage space)

1. From main screen, press MENU
2. Scroll down to PICTURES and press SELECT
5. Press OPTIONS
6. Select DELETE ALL
7. Press OK to approve

HOW TO DELETE MESSAGES (in case your camera runs out of storage space)

1. From main screen, press MENU
2. Scroll down to MESSAGING and press SELECT
3. Scroll to MESSAGES and press SELECT
4. Scroll to DELETE MESSAGES and press SELECT
5. Select ALL and press SELECT
6. Press OK to approve


Q. Can I find treasure in a Zone my team doesnpt currently control?
A. No. You can only collect the treasure in a Zone your team currently controls. To control the Zone, you must move your Totem into the Zoneps Base.

Q. Can a treasure be found more than once?
A. No. Each team can only collect each treasure once.

Q. Help! HQ says they canpt read my picture!
A. Make sure the image is straight. Keep the black outline around the code just inside the edge of the picture. Make sure there arenpt any shadows falling on the code. Hold the camera steady when you take the picture. Keep trying until you get it!

Q. Can I take the actual treasure sticker after I shoot it?
A. No. You will be disqualified if you remove or deface any treasure code.

Q. What happens if two teams find the same code at the same time?
A. The team that gets to the sticker first gets a chance to shoot it. Wait until they are done before shooting the code.

Q. What happens if two teams try to move into an empty base at same time?
A. Both teams should shoot the base entry code and send it to HQ. The first team to receive a confirmation from HQ will take control of the base, the other team must initiate a challenge if they wish to take over the base.

Q. Help! My phone has no signal!
A. You are responsible for moving to a location with signal in order to send images to HQ.

Q. What if my phone runs out of charge?
A. There will be recharging stations at the start location where the game began.